Children and Teens

We evaluate and treat children and teenagers who are depressed, angry, worried, anxious, grieving, doing poorly in school, having behavior problems, are victims of abuse, and more. We will assess the interactions with the child between himself/herself and others, recommend psychological testing when indicated, and develop a plan for treatment with the parents and child. We believe in the individual’s and family’s potential for effective functioning.

School Problems

For many teens, problems arise not in the home but within school and result in a referral to pupil discipline. We provide a three session evaluation model to assess and make recommendations to the family. We also provide drug testing for adolescents if requested.

Employee Assistance Program

Many employers provide Employee Assistance Programs (EAP). Coastal Counseling Center and affiliate clinicians are providers for numerous Employee Assistance Programs. We believe if the employee’s individual and family issues can be resolved increased productivity at work will result.

Adults and Couples

The stress of life sometimes becomes unbearable and can result in anxiety, depression, sleep problems, alcohol or drug problems, marital conflict and other painful conditions. After an assessment of the situation, we will help you find the solutions locked within you, so that you will feel and function better. Women’s issues, drug, alcohol, and internet addictions, sexual perpetrators, infidelity and affairs, EMDR for trauma: we have many specialty areas.

Psychological Testing

Psychological testing for children, adolescents and adults can help determine the extent of anxiety, depression and adjustment problems of living. Psychological testing can help provide a confirmation of the need for medication or an alternative treatment. We provide off-site testing for community agencies.

Medication Management

Many emotional difficulties arise due to biologically based causes. Other emotional problems can be a result of personal or environmental stress. To help provide a full range of treatment, a medication evaluation may be recommended to determine if medication is indicated. Our physicians provide evaluations and well as ongoing medication management.

Post Traumatic Stress Treatment

Sometimes bad things happen to good people for no justifiable reason. Sometimes we struggle with trying to understand “why me.” This journey can be lonely and at times creating conflicts that have no logical explanation yet the longing to make sense of the event cannot be forgotten. The event can create major changes in relationships at times decreasing trust in ourselves or close family or friends. There is no “one answer” however through talking, EMDR, and anxiety reduction help in the form of personal renewal can bring increasing comfort to individuals.


Telehealth- Sometimes called telepsychiatry or telemedicine, this service allows the provider to use secure video chat technology to offer treatment remotely. This allows clients to be seen while off at college, on a break from work, or in the comfort of their home. It is same level of care as in-person services. Telehealth is available for existing clients only and on a case by case basis. Ask your provider for more information.

Depression Treatment

Individual Treatment

Anxiety Treatment

Couples Therapy

Post-Divorce Recovery

Therapy for Children

We Accept all Major insurance plans

We do not accept Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs).

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