Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety problems can influence relationships and normal life in a variety of symptoms. Anxiety is manifested in symptoms of panic, obsessive-compulsive behavior and thoughts, social phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder and generalized anxiety disorder.

Generalized anxiety can become increasingly problematic as it can hang on for months. Generalized anxiety disorder is characterized as exaggerated feelings of worry that can manifest itself with physical symptoms of headaches, trembling, sweating, muscle aches, fatigues and hot flashes.

When to consider counseling for help:

  1. you believe that physical symptoms are a result of anxiety
  2. worrying is interfering with relationships, work and daily activities
  3. increase in substance use to manage physical symptoms
  4. fears, worry, and racing thoughts are upsetting you
  5. thoughts of hurting yourself
Woman with Anxiety

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